1. Issue 10 - March 2019 (PDF)
  2. Issue 9 - April 2017 (PDF)
  3. Issue 8 - October 2016 (PDF)
  4. Issue 7 - June 2016 (PDF)
  5. Issue 6 - December 2015 (PDF)
  6. Issue 5 - August 2015 (PDF)
  7. Issue 4 - April 2015 (PDF)
  8. Issue 3 - December2014 (PDF)
  9. Issue 2 - August 2014 (PDF)
  10. Issue 1 - April 2014 (PDF)

Loud Zoo is an annual literary/arts magazine distilled in the Bedlam spirit, published digitally. It is the power of art, manifest. This magazine is driven by a desire to collect and plant the seeds of social change, and to encourage new writers and artists to further their crafts.

We offer this magazine free of charge because everyone should have access to art, even if it doesn't fit into the budget. Sometimes when we have nothing at all, the only thing that can pull us back from the brink is a particularly affecting piece of art. Whether we need an anchor or a passageway, an escape or a confrontation we can always look through the eyes of the artist for support.

Loud Zoo is our gift to you. We hope you enjoy it!