All of Yesterday's Tomorrows

by Ramez Qureshi

All of Yesterday's Tomorrows by Ramez Qureshi
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"We shall write
          because there is no longer
a place to see 'The Light that Came From Beside the Sea,'
                              the account of our place in shadow
                    a place to see the onset of life

There is the original book, the primordial writing;
but who can read it? His identity is hidden."

This introductory and posthumous collection represents Ramez Qureshi's powerful poetic achievements. From the intensely personal to meditations on poetry and art, his works are often philosophical and frequently political, always crafted with love of the form and passion for his subjects. In addition to four sections of more traditionally formed verse, this book is anchored by the titular work, a long-form experimental poetic collage whose elements and inspirations include excerpts from a Marxism conference and the Popol Vuh, and a choreographed conceptual dance piece. In Ramez's own words, All of Yesterday's Tomorrows is a "philosophical meditation on the dialectics of arts and politics."

About Ramez

Ramez Qureshi was a poet and art critic from the New York metro area who published poetry and criticism in various online and print journals. An exceptional student, he had a greater than 4.0 average in high school and graduated among the top 1% in the country. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania at 19, earning a B.A. in English Literature. During his junior year at Penn, he held the Treasurer position in the Philomathean Society and tutored underprivileged children in Philadelphia. Ramez held an M.F.A. from Bath Spa University, Bath, United Kingdom. He lived from 1972-2001.

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