They used to put us away into institutions. When they tired of us or we spoke up. They didn't view us as equals. We are not so far removed from the lunatics of our namesake.

Unlike the howling mad of the old Bethlem Royal Hospital, we are not chained up in musty cells, desperate for meals or clean water, neglected and abused by our Keepers. No, we are among you, providing a platform for the voiceless to tell their obscured and overlooked tales.

Bedlam Publishing was founded in late 2003 in Casper, Wyoming on the grand delusion that we could initiate a regional literary movement. In the years since, we have shifted our goals, varied our projects and become a bit more concerned with (for?) humanity. We have produced two different print magazines, our original literary magazine, "The Bedlam Reader" (2005-2009), and our counter-culture monthly, “The Rag(2009-2010).

As a stepping stone for new writers and artists, we are concerned with powerful and unique visions rather than chasing markets and pandering to trends. We challenge perceptions and paint new realities. We are here for the oft-muted outsiders, offering another perspective in a sea of similar sides.

We are looking to connect with imaginative, honest outsiders. Humans creating to understand our world, to stand up against oppressors and detractors, to complete those fleeting thoughts that keep us awake at night. For more detailed information, please view our submission guidelines.

Haley Zilberberg interviewed us about why we do what we do for Inklette Magazine! Read the interview here, and read their wonderful magazine!

One of our editors sat down with Nick at the SideStreets Podcast to discuss Bedlam, Loud Zoo #1, the heartbreaking submission process and more. Listen right here: SideStreets Podcast, Episode 016: Five Kilometers.

Meet the Editors!

  • Nile Coy Photo

    Nile Coy - Editor

    Nile works at a professional engraving shop in Casper, Wyoming. He has a little dog named Annie. He enjoys cinema, the outdoors, and tinkering with Android and iOS devices.
  • Scott Dvarishkis Photo

    Scott Dvarishkis - Editor

    Four years ago, Scott was abducted by a cult of rabid gopher worshippers and purportedly sent to Taiwan. We keep his picture here in hopes that someone will recognize him in their travels. If you see this man, please contact us immediately.
  • Catherine Foster Photo

    Catherine Foster - Editor

    Catherine lives and works from her home in rural Michigan. She has five kids, four cats, two dogs and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • Greg Hirst Photo

    Greg Hirst - Editor

    Greg lives and bowls in Casper, Wyoming.
  • Nikki Moen Photo

    Nikki Moen - Editor

    Nikki is a Portlander by way of Wyoming and has been writing for Bedlam for most of our existence. She eats fucking mountains.
  • Josh Smith Photo

    Josh Smith - Editor in Chief

    Josh Smith is not a pseudonym. He is, however, a jack of some trades. An aspiring mad scientist, he builds and amplifies noisy contraptions when time and space permit. He's on Twitter - @jsbedlam. This is probably not his real face. Monotype by Red Guerilla