We are not presently open for prose or poetry submissions, but we are accepting VISUAL ART through the end of 2019.

Submissions from all over the planet are encouraged! We are looking for more visual art, audio, and multimedia, more socially conscious work of any discipline. Tell us a story we've never heard. Introduce us to new characters, experiences, ideas, hidden cultures and histories. Rattle the chains of patriarchy, bigotry, corporatocracy, classism, and other social disease.

We love work that blends and reimagines genres. We're not into gratuitous rape or violence. We appreciate the grotesque, but only if it transcends shock value and enhances the work. Shock as a device and shock as a catalyst for social change are very different, and we are not interested in the former.

We encourage simultaneous submissions. Submit far and wide! We only ask that you please notify us in the event that the submitted work is accepted elsewhere.

Once your piece is submitted, do not send revisions unless they are requested by the editors. If your work is not polished, revise until it is, then submit! Pulling your piece, editing it, and resubmitting will not bypass this guideline.

Artists always maintain all rights on any and all work submitted to and published by Bedlam Publishing, though we do ask for first digital publishing rights (no prior/current publication, in print or online—blogs included). However, we love to feature first English translations! After publication, all rights are exclusively maintained by the artist.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay our contributors. Stick with us and get published. We'll do everything we can to promote and support you, and hopefully provide paid work in the future!

We are interested in all mediums. We accept all file types as long as written works somewhat resemble standard manuscript format. Send visual art at highest possible resolution. Direct all submissions to:

submissions AT bedlampublishing DOT com

You will receive confirmation of receipt as soon as your submission is delivered. If you do not, please contact us, as your message may be lodged in the spam folder. We read every submission carefully, completely, and repeatedly. This tends to delay response time, but if you do not receive an acceptance or a rejection within 3 months, feel free to ask us why we're taking so long.

If you have general questions or concerns about the submission process, our editor Josh wrote a handy guide for The LetterWorks, which you can read here!

Please direct specific questions or comments to the email address above, or contact us on Twitter or Facebook!

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!
-Your pals at Bedlam Publishing