Earthquake Sermon

by Jared Armijo-Wardle

The scene is blocked and the audience is warmed
For Pentecostal hollers and evangelical shouts, look
You stage lights how this oration sweats! in between
Teleprompter condolence letters swims dyslexic slithers
Swollen and to deliver: 1-800 armchair saviors texting
Telethon prayers transcribed into binary 01010101 calls
To quiver, blackouts and exercised bank accounts and
parallel tongue spells, “Never be embarrassed by your
Riches!” for poverty builds character for future tremolo
Eulogies and justice is a word that will just leave you
Hungry, a matter for greater powers. For wealth was an
Angelic pay out and with it came the sword flaming,
Michael in an opium gaze day trading inside information
All bets on preordained damnation every tragedy is
answered by a shakedown in plane form or tectonic
causation, the plates are screaming: 0101010, yes
We are streaming live and this is my new earthquake

Jared Armijo-Wardle is a musician, poet and aspiring film maker. He is the vocalist for San Diego/Jalisco band MARQUEZ! who can be heard at Check out Jared's feature in issue #3 of The Rag!
-Originally published in 2010